Mi-Pac are back with Portlebay!

In summer we were very excited to have teamed up with the very marvellous Mi-Pac, who make brilliant and unique accessories! We launched a competition in August offering a gorgeous Mi-Pac bag and a box of Portlebay Popcorn to 3 lucky winners, and we are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with them again for Day 23 of our Christmas Advent Competition (launching at 5pm tonight).

A snap from the last time we teamed up with Mi-Pac

A little bit about Mi-Pac…

At Mi-Pac they like to mix it up and work with a whole collective of talented designers, and team up with like-minded brands to create unique and exclusive products! They travel the world gathering materials and sourcing inspiration from every corner of the globe (how cool, can we come?).

They strive for their accessories to be both functional and fashionable, but refuse to compromise on quality. Available in an array of block colours, Mi-Pac have oodles of signature prints and premium finishes – there really is a Mi-Pac for everyone!

A range Mi-Pac Bags that we LOVE

To be in with a chance of winning some Mi-Pac accessories and a box of our Portlebay Popcorn, don’t forget to check out our social media page (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and follow the instructions! (The competition launches at 5pm tonight!).

Brilliant Bookishly: Pages and Portlebay Popcorn!

It is officially 6 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! With the big day fast approaching, we are all busy using up miles of wrapping paper and sending our festive wishes to all our friends and family. To bring a little extra Christmas cheer why not pop over to our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) to enter Day 6 of our Christmas Advent Competition, and be in with a chance of winning a box of Portlebay Popcorn and a gorgeous gift from Bookishly! (This competition launches at 5pm tonight)

Bookishly create gorgeous prints with quotes from classic literature, movies and songs. Each print is created using an original and vintage book page, making each one a little bit unique and very special. Each print also consists of the wonky old font that is exclusive to Bookishly and is based on hand drawn lettering. You won’t see it anywhere else!

Louise Verity is the owner of Bookishly, and lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and young children. She likes John Hughes movies, cake and the smell of new books. She dislikes Marmite and ironing.

Bookishly was first established in 2009 as Wall Envy Art, and rebranded in 2013. It all started with an antique French dictionary and owner Louise’s, grandfather’s set of water colours. As time progressed, so did the range of products. The signature book page prints are still popular but you’ll now find a number of new items thrown in to the mix: personalised star chart prints, book club subscriptions, and various stationery pieces to name a few.


Bookishly designs have been featured in a number of national and international magazines and blogs, including Stylist, The Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy and Ideal Home among others. More recently, their products have been shown on ITV’s This Morning and featured in the YouTube videos of Zoella and Meg Says.


Our Christmas- The Portlebay Team’s Traditions (Part 2)

 15 days till Christmasssssss! If you aren’t already in the spirit of Christmas then we hope part 2 of our Christmas traditions and tales will get you feeling festive!

Today we are starting off by questioning Millie from Marketing!

Do you have any Christmas traditions? This year my family are going to be reluctantly leaving our wood burner and walking to our favourite beach. The more daring of us are planning on a Christmas swim in the sea, which I am very excited about and I really do hope it becomes a tradition!

What is your fondest Christmas memory? When I was still fairly small, I remember one Christmas huddling around a window with my family and being amazed to see snow on Christmas day, it was magical!

What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner? The stuffing and pigs in blankets, however, if the gravy isn’t up to standard it would be disastrous! None of that thin, watery rubbish!

Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree? Real!!! There’s no fun in a fake one.

Favourite Christmas film? The Grinch!

Favourite Christmas song? Michael Bublé and Shania Twain- White Christmas

Are you super organised and buy your Christmas Present early or are you a last minute shopper? Super organised! I just love Christmas shopping!

What’s on top of your Christmas tree? An angel


Next up to reveal all about their Christmas is Ian, our Head operations elf!

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Every year we visit both pubs in our village for a drink! 

What is your favourite part of a Christmas Dinner? Roast potatoes cooked in goose fat!

What is your favourite Christmas activity? Walking to the beach with all the family!

Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree? Fake, fibre optic tree

Favourite Christmas film? White Christmas

Are you super organised and buy your Christmas Present early or are you a last minute shopper? Last minute

What’s on top of your Christmas tree? Star


Now it’s Faye’s (our pixie who knows all about numbers and stuff) turn to face the Christmas music

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Family cooked breakfast every boxing day- without fail!

What is your fondest Christmas memory? A Treasure hunt around the house. Dad hid a clue in a cracker and it began from there, a few hours later (yes it was a long hunt!) the final prize was my first mobile phone!

What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner? Pigs in blankets

What is your favourite Christmas activity? Christmas shopping in the cold and watching the children’s nativity

Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree? Fake

Favourite Christmas film? Miracle on 34th Street

Favourite Christmas song? Jingle Bell Rock- Bibby Helms

Are you super organised and buy your Christmas Present early or are you a last-minute shopper? Super organised

What’s on top of your Christmas tree? Star


And lastly we have mother and son duo Malgorzata and Michal, two of our popcorn flavour smiths!

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Yes family and food!

What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner? All of it!

What is your favourite Christmas activity? Christmas walk with family

Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree? Real

Favourite Christmas film? A Christmas Carol

What’s on top of your Christmas tree? Star!


Portlebay’s Pimped Christmas Wrapping

Gift giving at Christmas is one of the many delightful parts of the festive period! We love the joy that it brings and all the prep that comes with it! However, a gift wouldn’t be as enchanting without the decorative wrap and accessories! So we have come up with four simple but chic looks for you to pimp your Christmas wrapping (these looks work best wrapped around boxes.)

You will need:

  • Brown wrapping paper (parcel paper)
  • Some pretty/festive twine
  • Some festive accessories to tie onto the parcel (these can be purchased at any shops that sell crafty things!)
  • Cello tape
  • Scissors
You will need

Step 1: Measure up and cut accordingly the amount of brown paper that is required to cover your present. Carefully wrap the gift, but do be attentive as brown paper does crease easily and so any folds that you may need to re-do could leave crinkles.

Step 2: Take the twine and tie it around the gift (not to tightly else the paper will crinkle). Once you have brought the twine back to the front side, tie it into a simple knot making sure that you still have quite a lot twine left for fastening your accessory.

Step 3: Place your festive accessory on top of the twine knot and then carefully tie a tight knot to keep the decoration secure. To finish off the look tie a bow on top of the knot and trim any extra twine. TA- DAH!

We would love to see how you’ve pimped your Christmas wrapping, do send us some snaps!

ANNOUCING: The Portlebay Christmas Advent Competition!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

As we say farewell to November and turn the pages of our calendars to December, there is only one thing on all our minds! IT’SSS CHRISTMASSSSSSS! Let the countdown begin!

This excitement is certainly no exception for us all in the Portlebay Poppery (our Christmas tree will be up and dressed as soon as the clock strikes midnight and December commences) and as it is truly our favourite time of year, we have decided to host the biggest, the best and the most brilliant competition we have ever had! The Portlebay Christmas Advent Competition- 24 days of competitions, 31 prizes to be won and 26 partnered companies! Give us a hell yeah!

Take a peak at all the companies involved in our Christmas competitions

Everything you need to know

  • The competitions will commence on the 1st December and continue until 24th December
  • To enter any of our competitions you will need to visit our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and follow the post instructions
  • Each competition will be launched at 5pm UK time (Sorry to anyone outside of the UK, the competitions are only for UK entrants)
  • Each prize will consist of a box of popcorn and another prize provided by our partnered companies – EEK!

That’s all we can spill for now, we hope you are excited (WE ARE!) and don’t forget to enter all the competitions!